Sunday, 16 April 2017

97 : Group On The Beach : Midbay

"Midbay" has a slightly un-British ring to it, more fitted, perhaps, to an Australian surf-pounded beach or a location in a Raymond Chandler novel. But the people featured in this scan of a long-lost negative of unknown origins, have a half-familiar feel to them - they are faces from my youth, stances from my memories. Midbay was relatively easy to pin down - there is a Midbay in St Brelade's Bay on the island of Jersey. A comparison with an on-line archive shot of the Midbay stores confirms the location. Who the group are, I have absolutely no idea at all, but it is the kind of photograph you can take a stroll around - look at a face here, a connection there. Even the smallest, most grain-infested corner can be turned into an impressionist's picnic.

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120 : Grandfather And Child

Grandfather And Child : Unknown Subject (Dated 1932)