Monday, 17 April 2017

98 : We've Been To Corbiere Light

There is always an element of pleasing mystery when you buy a job lot of old photographs or negatives from one of the on-line auction sites. There are the usual "what", "where", and "who" questions - most of which will inevitably go unanswered - but there is also the question of what connects the various images. Are they the same family, the same holiday, the same photography - or are they a desperate lot thrown together from the contents of several old shoeboxes? 

When I started scanning the current batch< i came across a beach scene which could be accurately identified as St Brelade's Bay in Jersey. The second scan moves us a few miles along the coast, to the unforgettable landmark of La Corbiere Lighthouse. A good percentage of visitors to the island of Jersey have had a similar photograph taken (I certainly have). Who exactly this is, I still have no idea - but I know where she's been.

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